PCL takes pride in the level of service and expertise we are able to provide our to clients. All processes and procedures are modeled on ISAE 3402 principles ensuring quality, consistency, and timeliness of our service delivery.

Our clients are able to deal with a single point of contact and all work completed is monitored by a Quality Assurance Manager responsible for quality assurance.

Our IT-based work methodology tracks deliverables and allows for monitoring of daily tasks in all transparency and with clear benchmarking with our Service Level Agreement.

Using innovative technology and workflow management processes enable us to provide services efficiently and seamlessly for all our clients all the time.

Our experience spanning over 25 years has allowed us to learn exactly what are the client’s needs and our professional team is able to expertly guide them regardless of where they are based. 

incorporation services

Local & Abroad

PCL is fully committed to offering seamless services and this includes being able to assist in incorporation of companies and setting up of funds for local and international-based clients. Our services include:

  • Structuring, establishing, and administration of entities in Mauritius, including domestic and global companies, international trading companies, global funds, protected cell companies, and limited partnerships;
  • Provision of tax advice and corporate structuring solutions
  • Corporate and fund administration;
  • Assistance in preparing and filing tax returns;
  • Opening and maintenance of bank accounts;
  • Company secretarial services;
  • Professional Directorship;
  • Provision of nominee shareholder;
  • Provision of registered office, including HR, IT, Payroll and other services Compliance Services;
  • Liaison with other professional service providers such as lawyers and audit firms.

Our aim is to ensure that clients’ needs are met by facilitating everything they need as and when required.

Private Wealth Management

Local & Abroad

High-net-worth individual’s financial needs are always handled with care, professionalism, and integrity because we understand how important the right financial strategy is when it comes to ensuring a sound financial future. Our line of services include:

  • Mauritius, BVI, Seychelles, Belize, Cayman, Hong Kong companies and Trust setup and management;
  • Set up and Ongoing administration services;
  • Registry filing
  • Bank account opening.

Fund Services

Local & Abroad

We provide fund services locally for funds established in Mauritius as well as in other jurisdictions. We believe that having a sound financial structure is an integral part of being successful. Our fund services include:

  • Setting up of funds;
  • Ongoing administration services;
  • Investors onboarding & reporting;
  • NAV calculations;
  • Provision of Directors, Company Secretary, MLRO, DMLRO and Compliance Officer.

Fintech / Blockchain

Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, e-wallet, digital payment systems, investment management

PCL Mauritius is able to provide advisory services to companies willing to create a platform that will be dealing with start-ups and Fintech companies. The Economic Development Board (EDB) in Mauritius can issue Regulatory Sandbox Licenses (RSL) to companies following representations made by PCL. 

These companies typically would operate under a Blockchain platform and would primarily deal with products such as Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, e-wallet, digital payment systems, investment management etc. Our services include:

  • Representations to the EDB for the Regulatory Sandbox licenses;
  • Application to the FSC for a GBC License for companies operating outside Mauritius;
  • Registration of companies operating on the domestic market;
  • Board representations as Directors and other Officers;
  • Corporate Secretarial and Administration services;
  • Accounting services;
  • Liaison with professional intermediaries such as Lawyers and Auditors as required;
  • Application for Collective Investment Scheme license as the FSC recognizes Digital Assets including Cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

Family Offices

PCL offers family-run businesses seamless solutions when it comes to relocating and getting set up in Mauritius. We understand the small details that need to be taken care of when it comes to tying up all the loose ends in the country of origin which is why we work to make the transition as easy as possible.

We will always ensure that your family and financial security is of utmost importance and that your relocation is taken care of professionally thanks to our dedicated team members who are experts in handling such tasks. Our services include:

  • ​Setting up of the business entity;
  • Advice on the type of structure needed (SFO, or MFO);
  • Tax planning and advice;
  • Provision of administration services;
  • Investment Advisory services and facilitation with respect to real estate projects in Mauritius;
  • Provision of qualified professional on board (Directors, Secretary, Officers, etc);
  • Accountancy services;
  • Treasury management and bank account operations;
  • Consolidation and management of all family businesses at one central point;
  • Advice on the cross-generational transfer of assets and businesses.

Let us help you settle into your new life the best way you can.